Monday, March 9, 2009

No Future.... Just The Future

This is my likely to be my last post on Blogger, for a while at least. For the foreseeable future my blog posts will be available via the link on the top right: or just click here

So why am I leaving Blogger?

Well, has been through some major changes in the last few weeks.

For one thing, I'm no longer building the site with Softpress Freeway Pro. Estimable package that it is, and much good stuff I've wrangled out of it, I haven't found it easy to keep the site updated on a regular basis with Freeway.

I tried instead RapidWeaver. Nice package, and great for blogging, but not currently possessed of a plug-in or other tool for the construction of photo galleries with e-commerce capacity. So it's not for me, not for now...

Next thing to come to my attention was the existence of a growing number of websites which allow publishing of full-blown websites, with e-commerce capability built-in, which are dedicated to the needs of photographers, and which don't involve purchasing any software, as the entire work of site-grinding is done online, in a web browser.
I tried out two of these: ClikPic and Photium.

ClikPic has some nice templates - I especially liked their "basic" styles, and offers 7-days free trial.
Photium also has nice templates, and offers 30-days free trail.

I read somewhere that ClikPic is less reliable/ more liable to outages, but I can't either confirm or counter this heresay, as 7 days free trial was just not enough for me to get far into working with ClikPic before it expired.

I read in a few places that Photium's support is speedy and extremely helpful and obliging - and on that I can offer my confirmation. So it wasn't just the extra 3 weeks free trial time that swung it for Photium here. It seems like an outfit worthy of support as it's dedicated to providing a top class service to photographers.

Coming back to the main point... Photium also allows users to publish something like a blog, but to integrate it fully within the main site.

You can see the new, Photium, incarnation of here, and follow my blog posts within it, here

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